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How To Join The Nigerian Army

Nigerian army is One Of The best Army in the whole world.Nigerian Army has done so many operations within and outside the country.The Nigerian army has been in existence since 1960 Nigeria had their independence.before we Go into how to join the Nigerian army, let me briefly explain how Nigerian army came to be.


The Nigerian army originated from the northern part of the country when Lt Glover who is from the royal Navy selected 18 men in the north and turned them in local force which he called Glovers housas that was in the year 1863. The force was later turned into hausas constabulary in the year 1865.that was when they started to perform both police and military duties for the Lagos state government.later it was turned to Lagos state constabulary in the year 1901.it was also known as 1st battalion .Later during the amalgamation Of The northern and southern part of the country, that was when The second,third and fourth battalion were formed.the northern part of the country has the first and the second battalion while the third And fourth battalion belong to the southern part of the country.when queen Elizabeth visited the country in the year 1956,the Nigerian army which was called Nigerian regiment changed their name to Queens own Nigerian regiment.later in the year 1960 when Nigeria had their independence, it’s name was changed from Queens own Nigerian regiment to Royal Nigerian army.Later in the year 1963 when Nigeria became republic, the Royal Nigerian army was changed to Nigerian army which is the name it bears Up till if you want to read more Or know more about the Nigerian army, you can visit the Nigerian Army official website on https://www.army.mil.ng

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Requirements To Join The Nigerian Army

Before you join the Nigerian army,there are some requirements which you are supposed to possess before you can be able to join the Nigerian army.if you did not meet their requirements, that’s an automatic disqualification for you because you won’t be recruited.below is some requirements in which you are supposed to posses before you can be able to join the Nigerian army.

  • You must be a citizen of Nigeria by birth
  • You must be between the ages of 18 years and 22 years for non trades And 18 to 26 for trades men.
  • You must not be Less than 1.68 inches for men and 1.65 inches for women.
  • You must be physically mentally and medically fit.
  • You must have finished your secondary school because your O level certificate is needed.WAEC,NECO or Nabteb.and note you must possess the minimum of five credits in the results.
  • You must be free from previous crimes
  • You need have a valid national ID card before you can apply for the Nigerian army
  • Your BVN bank verification number must be provided.
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Nigerian Army

If you want to read more about the Nigerian army recruitment, visit there recruitment portal which is


Meanwhile There are many types of Nigerian Army recruitment which you must know.below is the list.


Nigerian Army Non Trade Men

This category of men don’t need any other thing to apply for the Nigerian Army appart from the requirements mentioned above.

Nigerin Army Trade Men

This category of men has hand work which they can continue to use in the military when they join apart from their SSCE certificate.

Nigerian Army DSSC

This one is called Nigerian Army direct short service commission.its strictly for only graduates from any well recognised university Or Polytechnic in Nigeria.

Nigerian Army SSC

This is also for graduates who has finished from the higher institution And has also served in the NYSC.

If you don’t know The difference between DSSC and SSC, Please you can read more about it through the Link below

Difference Between DSSC And SSC In The Nigerian Army