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How Much Can Opay Account Hold Without BVN?

OPay is a mobile money and digital payment platform that is popular in Nigeria. It allows users to send and receive money, pay bills, and purchase goods and services online and offline.

One of the most frequently asked questions about OPay is how much money an OPay account can hold without BVN verification. BVN stands for Bank Verification Number, and it is a unique identifier that is assigned to each bank customer in Nigeria.

This blog post will provide an answer to this question and explore other details related to using an Opay account without providing a BVN.

Why is BVN Necessary for Bank Accounts? 

BVN, or Bank Verification Number, is a unique identification number issued by banks in Nigeria. It is necessary for bank accounts due to several reasons:

  • Preventing identity theft: BVN helps to verify the identity of individuals and reduces the risk of fraud and identity theft. By linking personal information, such as fingerprints and photographs, to the BVN, banks can ensure that the account holder is the actual owner.
  • Enhancing security: BVN adds an extra layer of security to bank accounts. It enables banks to track and monitor financial transactions, making it easier to detect suspicious activities and prevent money laundering or other illegal activities.
  • Facilitating financial inclusion: BVN promotes financial inclusion by making it easier for individuals to open and operate bank accounts. It simplifies the account opening process, reduces the need for physical documentation, and ensures that accounts are linked to a valid identification.
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Overall, BVN is necessary for bank accounts to protect customers’ identities, enhance security, and promote financial inclusion.

How Much Can an Opay Account Hold Without BVN Verification?

The maximum amount that an OPay account can hold without BVN verification is 50,000 Naira.

To verify your BVN with OPay, you will need to provide your BVN number and the phone number linked to your BVN. Once your BVN has been verified, you can increase your account balance limit to 500,000 Naira and send up to 200,000 Naira per day.

Limitations of using an Opay account without BVN verification. 

Using an Opay account without BVN verification comes with certain limitations. These limitations can vary and may impact the functionality and flexibility of your account. Some of the potential limitations include:

  1. Transaction Limits: Without providing your BVN, you may be subjected to lower transaction limits. This means you may not be able to transfer or receive large amounts of money through your Opay account.
  2. Restricted Features: Certain features or services within the Opay platform may be restricted for accounts without BVN verification. This could include features like international money transfers or access to certain financial products.
  3. Reduced Account Security: By not linking your BVN to your Opay account, you may have a higher risk of unauthorized access or fraudulent activity. BVN provides an additional layer of security and verification that helps protect your account.
  4. Limited Account Verification: Without BVN verification, you may encounter difficulties in verifying your identity or resolving account issues. This can lead to delays or restrictions when it comes to account maintenance or support.

It’s important to consider these limitations before choosing to use an Opay account without providing your BVN.

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What is the limit of OPay? 

The limit of OPay can vary depending on your account verification level. Without BVN (Bank Verification Number) verification, an OPay account may have limits such as a maximum account balance of 50,000 Naira and restricted daily and monthly transaction limits. Once you verify your BVN, these limits can increase significantly.

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Can I use one BVN for two OPay accounts? 

Typically, you cannot use the same BVN for multiple OPay accounts. A BVN is designed to be a unique identifier for an individual’s bank account and financial transactions. Attempting to use the same BVN for multiple OPay accounts may lead to issues with verification and compliance.

How much can OPay Tier 2 receive at once? 

The specific limits for receiving funds on OPay Tier 2 accounts can vary and may be subject to change over time. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on the receiving limits for OPay Tier 2 accounts, it’s best to refer to OPay’s official website or contact their customer support.

 Can I use BVN to open OPay? 

Yes, you can use your BVN (Bank Verification Number) to verify and open an OPay account. BVN verification is often required to access higher transaction limits and account balance limits on OPay.

 Which wallet account can I open without BVN? 

Some mobile wallet accounts, including certain basic digital wallet services, may allow you to create an account without BVN verification. However, these accounts may have limited functionality and transaction capabilities. To access higher limits and a wider range of services, BVN verification is typically required. The specific policies and offerings can vary among different financial institutions and mobile wallet providers.


In summary, while Opay provides a convenient mobile payment platform, the specific limits for an Opay account without BVN verification are not readily available. To ensure accurate information, it is recommended to contact Opay customer support directly.

Keep in mind that using an Opay account without BVN verification may come with limitations such as lower transaction limits and restricted features. Additionally, not linking your BVN to your Opay account could result in reduced account security and difficulties in identity verification or resolving account issues. It’s essential to weigh these limitations before deciding to use an Opay account without providing your BVN. Remember, staying informed about the terms and conditions of any financial platform you choose to use is always the best approach.