Home Business Ideas 7 Fast-moving Businesses to start with 200k in Nigeria

7 Fast-moving Businesses to start with 200k in Nigeria

Are you looking for a very fast-moving lucrative business in Nigeria that you can start with 200 thousand naira only? If so, bring your hands, and let me walk you through it. 

It is a truism that successful businesses require large amounts of capital, however, the list I put up today requires less money to start. Let’s get started so that you don’t have to waste much time.

What are fast-moving businesses?

7 Fast-moving Businesses to start with 200k in Nigeria
7 Fast-moving Businesses to start with 200k in Nigeria
7 Fast-moving Businesses to start with 200k in Nigeria
7 Fast-moving Businesses to start with 200k in Nigeria

Basically, what this means is that these businesses have quick turnover of profits and sales.

These businesses move in one trend. They include: E-commerce, transportation services, catering services, cleaning services, Barbing business, POS business, mobile phone and other accessories repairing, blogging, Adsense arbitrage 


E-commerce is a type of business model that involves buying and selling products and services online through websites or mobile applications.

With the increasing prevalence of the internet, e-commerce has become an increasingly popular way to buy and sell goods and services. You can start your e-commerce store and build up your audience.

To establish a functioning and highly revenue-converting e-commerce website, foremost, you’ll need to create an online presence by setting up a website or creating an app.

You will also need to invest in payment gateways, shipping methods, and marketing strategies to reach potential customers. 

Additionally, you will need to determine what products you will be selling and source them from local or international suppliers. 

In addition, to start an e-commerce store, 70% of your budget should be on advertisement. If you’re starting from scratch you will need to do a lot of promotions from different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 

This is the hidden truth for decades, try and explore the e-commerce world and see magic. 

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Transportation services

In my previous post, I critically analyze how to start your transportation service with minimal money in 2023. 

Transport service won’t cost you much, you just need to choose the niche that best suits your demands. 

These niches include taxi services, car rental businesses, and even delivery services.

Starting a taxi service would involve buying vehicles, obtaining licenses, and hiring drivers to transport passengers. You start with a bus and buy on higher purchase. Later on, you will be paying bit by bit. 

When I was in university, I tried this out and I made 50 thousand naira daily.

From these, I ran the vehicle and pay for the car until Ipaid the debt.

To be sincere, the transport business is an ideal business that you can start today.

Catering services

Catering is a great business to start with 200k in Nigeria. You can start a catering business by investing in quality equipment, ingredients, and supplies. 

You will also need to create an impressive menu, advertise your services, and establish relationships with other local businesses. 

You can also offer delivery services to cater to busy clients who want urgent chops or surprises. 

Once you have established a successful catering business, you can earn a steady income by providing delicious meals for special occasions, corporate events, and private parties. 

Barbing business

Another great fast moving business that you can start with 200,000 naira is barbering business. 

Most individuals want a highly professional seasoned barbers. They are ready to pay any amount of money to enjoy this service. 

This being said, the demand for barbers is high and is in high increase according to January 2023 world Barbing index. 

So, with 200,000 in Nigeria, you can set up your barbering shop and earn cool money monthly. 

Pos business

Currently in Nigeria, POS mobile operators are the one eating the national cake since there is shortage in circulation of currency. 

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You can start your POS business with jus 200k. To learn more about POS business read our previous article. 

Mobile phone and other accessories repairing

You can start mobile phone, laptop and other accessories repairing with just 200,000 naira only. 

As technology becomes increasingly important in everyday life, there is a growing demand for mobile phone and computer repair services, and wear and tear often happen to electronics. 

Because of this, it’s pertinent to consider establishing a highly commercial accessories center. The cost of this varies depending on your goal.
Some of the equipment you can buy for start up include: repair work bench, screwdriver, pliers, solding iron, multimeter, hot air gun, tweezers, vacuum pick up tool, screen protector cutter and the renaming few. 


To start a successful blog currently, you need to have at least a hundred or two hundred thousand Naira. As we all known that blogging is highly profitable business for those that offer valuable products. 

As a matter of fact, you can diversify your portfolio by investing in blogging.

What you need to do is to buy your domain, and hosting, and hire a website developer and competent writers. 

Roughly, you will spend nothing less than 200k. 

In return, you will make six figures income once your website is monetized and gains recognition. 

Real estate

Real estate business is a highly profitable business because of the consistent demand of house service. 

You can start your full real estate service today. All you need is the unique guide. Read our latest article on how to make money in real estate without investment and best ways to buy and sell real estate properties in Nigeria and make millions 

Thanks for reading to this great end. Let’s discuss the frequently Asked questions. 



What business sells fast in Nigeria?

The most lucrative business currently in Nigeria is the POS business. 

Which business can I start with 500k?

The best business that you can start with 500,000 naira is salon business. This businesss is in high demand and Nigerian are willing to pay at any rate.