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10 Service Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire Within 6 Months

Service businesses are considered lucrative these days because people can’t do without them. 

There are a lot of service businesses, some are lucrative while some are less lucrative. Well, in this blog post, I will explain in detail the subject matter “10 service business ideas that can make you a million within 6 months. Not to waste much of our time, let’s get started.

What are service business ideas?

10 Service Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire Within 6 Months


These are basic business ideas that are used to provide essential services to people rather than traditional physical products. 

These services are produced in the day to day life of human kind. They include, 

  • Barbing
  • catering
  •  photography
  • Laundry and dry cleaning service
  • POS service
  • Car washing
  •  Daycare service
  • SPA service
  • real estate
  • Website development 

Let’s take a look at them one after the other.

1. Barbing service. 

Barbing is a type of business that involves cutting, styling, and grooming men’s hair. This business idea is mainly common among students, Aged, and part-time workers. 

With Barbing in Nigeria, you can earn 1,000,000 monthly depending on your location, specialization, and pricing. 

In most urban cities like here in Lagos, some Barbing salon price range from 5,000 to 10,000. The math is simple, if you can have 100 returning customers paying 10,000 nairas per haircut, that means you will earn a million naira monthly. 

If you’re considering this business idea, you will need to have more customers and locate in a very congested public space. With that, you’re good to go.

2. Catering business

This is another service business idea. It involves providing food, drinks, and other eatable items at parties, events, or gatherings. This is one of the most lucrative business service ideas because humans consume food to survive.

To start with, the catering business requires great effort to navigate through. It involves knowing who your audience are, what they want, when they want it and how they want it.

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If you want to start a catering service, you will need start-up capital of about 200k. This will help you to buy the necessary equipment, rent a shop, and acquire the necessary license.

Some of these licenses include a business registration certificate, a Food handler permit from the National Agency for Food, drug administration, and control (NAFDAC), a Food hygiene certificate from the Environmental sanitation service, and a Fire safety certificate from FIRS. 

3. Photography

Photography is a service business that involves taking pictures either with a phone or camera. 

Photography businesses specializes in different area of interest which include portrait, commercial, event, fashion, wildlife, and many more.

It’s indeed a lucrative business if you’re pensive for any service business idea. 

4. Laundry and dry cleaning services

If you’re planning to make millions of naira this year, why not consider a dry cleaning service?  

What this business entails is that you collect dirty laundry from customers, wash it by their needs and preferences, then return it either in person or through a delivery service. This is simple and considered as lucrative business. 

To make money doing this, you will need to invest in some equipment such as washing machine, dryers, and other related machines.

The obvious truth is that to make money with this type of service, you will need to provide reliable, professional services that your customers can trust. If you have a good reputation, your business will naturally grow as more people come to rely on your services.

5. POS service 

POS whose abbreviation is Point of sale service. It’s a computerized system that is used to process bank transactions in the bank environment. With POS, you can earn over a million naira within 6 months if you target your audience head-to-head. You can read more on how to start a POS service here.

6. Car washing service.

Can you wash cars very well? If yes, Worry no more. Car washing is a big business idea. It involves the washing and cleaning of cars. This business is very lucrative.

Here in Lagos, the minimum price for washing a car is 5,000 naira. This means that within six months, you can earn over 3 million naira.

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7. Daycare service 

Daycare service is another service business idea. It involves taking care of parents’ wards in the proxy.

It’s not only a high-paying business but also in high demand. 

There are many ways to set up a successful daycare service. You could start your home daycare, with you as the primary caregiver and other assistants working with you. This option will require start-up costs, including supplies such as toys, books, and educational materials. 

With the right approach, it’s inevitable to tell you that you can navigate through and make millions of naira monthly. 

8. SPA service 

If you’re looking for a business idea that is in high demand, why not settle for SPA service? 

It’s a business service that provides various treatments and services to help customers relax and rejuvenate. This service is not restricted to, facials, body wraps, and other beauty and relaxation services. It also offers additional services such as hair styling, manicures, and pedicures.

In all, the SPA business is a good business to consider.

9. Real estate Marketing Business

Real estate is a top-notch service-based business. 

Basically, it involve buying, selling, renting and management of properties such as houses, apartments, commercial buildings, and land. This include residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Though it requires huge capital to start, however, if you can build your dream alongside it, it’s a way to make passive income and build a reputable brand. 

10. Website development

Lastly, website development means building and developing websites for clients. It’s a very good business that is less strenuous, in high demand, and very profitable.  If you’re doubting whether to take it or not, don’t think twice. It’s a better and more comfortable business that can be done at any comfort. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which business is the most profitable? 

Businesses like real estate, SPA, and Daycare services are considered to be lucrative.

Can I be rich in 6months?

Yes, you can make millions of Naira in 6 months if you can invest in one of the services businesses. 

What services are in high demand?

Daycare, website development, website debugging, freelancing, POS business, real estate, and salon business are currently in high demand in Nigeria.

In a nutshell, I hope you have found what the secrete is about different business ideas that you can start in 2023.

Thanks for reading

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