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What Business Can I Start With 5k In Nigeria?

Starting a business with just 5K in Nigeria can be a daunting task. With such a small budget, it may seem impossible to find a profitable business to get started with. 

However, there are many opportunities available to entrepreneurs who want to use their limited resources to build a successful business. In this blog post, we will explore the various businesses that you can start with 5K in Nigeria and provide tips on how to maximize the potential of your budget. We will also offer advice on the steps you should take to ensure the success of your venture.

Sell fruits and vegetables

If you’re looking to start a business with just 5K in Nigeria, selling fruits and vegetables can be a great option. This business allows you to tap into the growing demand for fresh and healthy produce. 

With some strategic planning and networking, you can establish relationships with local farmers and markets to source your products. Set up a stall or sell online, and you’re on your way to providing nutritious options for your customers while making a profit.

Mobile Food Business

If you’re a food lover and want to start a business with just 5K in Nigeria, consider a mobile food business. With a food truck or a cart, you can bring delicious meals to different locations, catering to hungry customers. 

From local street snacks to international cuisine, the options are endless. Get creative with your menu, offer quality ingredients, and provide exceptional service to build a loyal customer base. With determination and passion, your mobile food business can thrive and satisfy appetites all over Nigeria.

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Production And Sale Of Liquid Soap

If you’re interested in a business that requires minimal startup capital, consider the production and sale of liquid soap. With just 5K, you can purchase the necessary ingredients and packaging materials. 

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By following simple recipes and conducting market research to identify target customers, you can create high-quality liquid soap products to sell. Whether you choose to sell locally or online, this business can be profitable and sustainable with consistent marketing efforts and customer satisfaction.

Barbecue Business

If you have a knack for grilling and a passion for barbecue, starting a barbecue business with just 5K in Nigeria can be a smokin’ hot idea. With your budget, you can invest in a portable grill, quality ingredients, and basic supplies. 

Set up shop at local events, markets, or even in your backyard. Perfect your recipes, showcase your BBQ skills, and watch as customers flock to taste your mouth-watering creations. Get ready to satisfy cravings and bring the taste of barbecue to Nigeria!

Dry Cleaning Services

Are you a neat freak? Consider starting a dry cleaning service with just 5K in Nigeria. With this budget, you can purchase essential cleaning equipment and materials. Build a loyal customer base by providing high-quality, affordable services. 

Market your business through word of mouth, social media, and local advertisements. From suits to wedding gowns, offer convenient and efficient dry cleaning options for your customers. Turn your passion for cleanliness into a profitable venture!

Making And Selling Beads

If you have a creative side and a passion for jewelry, why not consider making and selling beads? With just 5K in Nigeria, you can purchase supplies like beads, strings, and clasps to create unique and beautiful pieces. 

Tap into the demand for handmade accessories and market your products through social media, craft fairs, and online platforms. With dedication and creativity, your bead business can turn your passion into profit. Start crafting and let your creativity shine!

Personal Styling And Fashion Consulting Services

If you have a passion for fashion and a flair for styling, starting a personal styling and fashion consulting service can be a lucrative business with just 5K in Nigeria. 

Offer your expertise to individuals who need help curating their wardrobes, creating stylish outfits, or updating their look. With your fashion knowledge and keen eye for trends, you can help clients feel confident and stylish while making a profit. Tap into the booming fashion industry and unleash your creativity in this exciting business venture.

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Babysitting And Nanny Services

If you love kids and have a nurturing personality, starting a babysitting or nanny service with just 5K in Nigeria can be a rewarding business venture. Provide parents with peace of mind by offering reliable and trustworthy childcare services. 

Market your services through word of mouth, local advertisements, and online platforms. Whether it’s occasional babysitting or full-time nanny services, you can make a positive impact on families while earning a profit.


What kind of business can I start with 5000 Naira in Nigeria?

With 5,000 Naira, you can consider starting small-scale businesses such as selling mobile phone accessories, homemade snacks, fruit vending, or offering services like mobile car wash, laundry, or freelance work like writing or graphic design.

What business can I do with 5k?

You can explore businesses like recharge card printing, selling secondhand clothes, offering pet sitting or walking services, selling used books, or providing basic cleaning services with a capital of 5,000 Naira.

What can I invest in with 5k in Nigeria?

Investing 5,000 Naira in Nigeria may not yield significant returns immediately, but you can consider investing in the stock market through small, long-term investments, starting a small-scale farming venture, or buying and selling affordable goods like mobile phone accessories or secondhand items.

How to make 3k daily in Nigeria?

Earning 3,000 Naira daily can be achieved through various means, including starting a small business like selling fast-moving consumer goods, offering services like freelance work, or engaging in commission-based sales. It’s essential to identify opportunities that align with your skills and resources.

How can I make 1k in one day?

To make 1,000 Naira in a day, you can consider offering quick services like mobile phone repair, selling homemade snacks at a local market, or providing basic computer troubleshooting services. 

Additionally, you can participate in day labor or engage in gig economy jobs like food delivery or ride-sharing services if available in your area.


In summary, starting a business with just 5K in Nigeria is not only possible but also exciting. From selling fruits and vegetables to providing personal styling services, there are various opportunities to explore. 

The key is to be resourceful, creative, and passionate about your chosen venture. With careful planning, strategic marketing, and dedication, you can turn your small budget into a thriving business. So, don’t let limited funds hold you back, start your entrepreneurial journey today!