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Opay vs M Pesa: Which is Better?

M-Pesa is a mobile money service that was launched in Kenya in 2007, while Opay is a mobile payment and financial services company that was launched in Nigeria in 2018. While both companies operate in the mobile money industry, there are some differences between them.

And in this article, we will provide a comprehensive comparison to help us make and informed decision on which is best. 

What is M-Pesa?

M-Pesa is a mobile-based money transfer and financial services platform that was launched in Kenya in 2007 by Safaricom, the country’s largest mobile network operator. The platform allows users to deposit, withdraw, transfer money, and pay for goods and services using their mobile phones. M-Pesa has since expanded to other countries in Africa, including Tanzania, Mozambique, and Egypt, and has over 40 million active users.

One of the key features of M-Pesa is its simplicity and convenience. Users can easily send and receive money, pay bills, and even access savings and loan services directly from their mobile phones. This has made it particularly popular among low-income earners and people who do not have access to traditional banking services.

Another advantage of M-Pesa is its wide network of agents, which allows users to access their services even in remote areas. Agents can be found in various locations, including shops, petrol stations, and post offices, making it easy for users to deposit or withdraw cash at their convenience.

However, one major downside of M-Pesa is its transaction fees. While sending money through M-Pesa is generally affordable, the fees charged for withdrawing cash can be relatively high, particularly for small amounts. Additionally, M-Pesa has faced criticism for its limited security features, which have made it vulnerable to fraud and other forms of financial crime.

Despite its shortcomings, M-Pesa remains a valuable platform for facilitating financial inclusion in Africa. Its simplicity, convenience, and wide agent network have made it a popular choice for millions of users across the continent.

Features And Downsides Of M Pesa


  1. Easy mobile payments: M-Pesa allows users to easily send and receive payments through their mobile phones. The process is simple and convenient, allowing users to conduct transactions from anywhere at any time.
  2. Bill payments: M-Pesa allows users to pay bills such as utilities, school fees, and insurance premiums through their mobile phones.
  3. Savings and loans: M-Pesa offers a savings account that allows users to deposit and withdraw money from their mobile phones. Users can also access micro-loans through M-Pesa.
  4. International remittances: M-Pesa enables users to receive money from abroad through its partnerships with international money transfer services.


  1. Limited acceptance: Although M-Pesa is widely used in Kenya, it may not be as widely accepted in other countries, which can limit its usefulness for international transactions.
  2. Transaction limits: M-Pesa has transaction limits that can limit the amount of money that can be sent or received at one time.
  3. Fees: M-Pesa charges fees for some transactions, which can add up over time and make the service more expensive than other options.
  4. Mobile network coverage: M-Pesa requires a reliable mobile network to function properly, which can be a challenge in some areas with poor network coverage.
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What is Opay?

Opay is a financial technology company that provides a variety of financial and lifestyle services to users in Nigeria and other African countries. The company was launched in August 2018 by Opera Software, a Norwegian software company that provides web browsers, advertising, and other internet services.

Opay provides a range of services to its users, including mobile money, ride-hailing, food delivery, and other lifestyle services. The company’s mobile money service enables users to make transactions, pay bills, and transfer money to other users via their mobile phones. Opay’s ride-hailing service allows users to request rides from a network of drivers, while its food delivery service enables users to order food from restaurants and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Opay also offers a range of other lifestyle services, such as booking flights and hotels, purchasing event tickets, and ordering groceries. The company has partnerships with a wide range of merchants and service providers, allowing users to access a variety of products and services through its platform.

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Opay’s mission is to provide convenient and affordable financial and lifestyle services to users in Nigeria and other African countries. The company aims to leverage technology to improve financial inclusion and help users access a wider range of services and products.

Features And Downsides of Opay


  1. Digital payments: OPay offers digital payment solutions that allow users to pay for goods and services online, pay bills, and transfer money to family and friends.
  2. Mobile wallet: With OPay, users can create a mobile wallet and store funds for easy access and transactions.
  3. Investment opportunities: OPay provides investment opportunities for users to earn interest on their savings and investments.
  4. Ride-hailing: OPay offers ride-hailing services through its platform, providing users with easy access to affordable transportation.
  5. Food delivery: OPay has a food delivery service that allows users to order food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered to their doorstep.


  1. Limited availability: OPay is currently only available in a few countries in Africa, which limits its user base.
  2. Limited services: Although OPay offers a variety of services, it is not as comprehensive as other mobile payment solutions.
  3. Security concerns: There have been reports of security breaches on the OPay platform, which has led to concerns about the safety of user data and funds.
  4. Transaction fees: OPay charges transaction fees for some of its services, which may discourage some users from using the platform.
  5. Customer support: Some users have reported difficulties in reaching OPay customer support for help with issues or complaints.

Opay and M-Pesa: Which Is Better? 

Opay and M-Pesa are both mobile payment services that allow users to send and receive money, pay bills, and purchase goods and services using their mobile phones. While Opay is primarily available in Nigeria, M-Pesa is a well-established mobile payment service in Kenya and other African countries.

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In terms of features, both Opay and M-Pesa offer similar functionalities, such as:

  1. Money transfer: Users can send and receive money to/from other users and bank accounts.
  2. Bill payment: Users can pay for utilities, school fees, and other bills using their mobile phones.
  3. Airtime purchase: Users can buy airtime for themselves or others.
  4. Merchant payments: Users can make payments to merchants using their mobile phones.
  5. Savings and loans: Both platforms offer savings and loan features.

However, there are some differences between the two platforms. For example:

  1. User base: M-Pesa has a much larger user base than Opay, thanks to its established presence in Kenya and other African countries.
  2. Transaction fees: While both platforms charge transaction fees, M-Pesa’s fees are generally lower than Opay’s.
  3. Accessibility: M-Pesa has a wider range of accessibility options, such as USSD codes, while Opay is primarily app-based.
  4. Currency support: M-Pesa supports multiple currencies, while Opay primarily supports the Nigerian naira.
  5. Integration with other services: M-Pesa has integrated with other services, such as PayPal, while Opay has yet to do so.

When it comes to choosing between Opay and M-Pesa, the answer depends on your individual needs and location. If you are based in Nigeria and primarily transact in naira, then Opay may be the better choice for you. However, if you are based in Kenya or another African country where M-Pesa is available, then M-Pesa’s larger user base and lower transaction fees may make it the better option.


Which app is better than OPay?

There are several apps that can be considered better than OPay depending on one’s specific needs and preferences. Some popular alternatives include Paystack, Flutterwave, and Paga.

Which country uses OPay?

OPay is a financial services platform that operates in several African countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

Which one is the best between OPay and Palmpay?

Determining which app is the best between OPay and Palmpay depends on individual preferences and needs. Both apps offer similar services, but OPay has a wider range of services and is available in more countries.

Which bank owns OPay?

OPay is owned by Opera Limited, a Norwegian company that specializes in web browsers, advertising, and other digital services.

Can OPay send money internationally?

As of the time of writing, OPay only offers local money transfer services within the countries where it operates. It does not currently offer international money transfer services.


In conclusion, Opay and M-Pesa are both leading mobile payment platforms in their respective regions. While M-Pesa has been around longer and has a larger user base in Kenya and other African countries, Opay has made a significant impact in Nigeria with its range of services and ease of use.

Both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, with M-Pesa excelling in international transfers and Opay offering a wider range of services beyond mobile payments. Ultimately, which platform is the best depends on individual needs and preferences.

However, in terms of overall user experience and customer service, Opay seems to have an edge over M-Pesa. The app’s user-friendly interface, efficient customer support, and innovative services have earned it a strong reputation in Nigeria.

Therefore, while both platforms have their merits, Opay appears to be the better choice for those looking for a mobile payment platform in Nigeria.