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How To Get Airtel Smartcash POS – Airtel Smartcash POS Charges, Customer Care Number, Machine Price

Airtel Smartcash POS is a point-of-sale (POS) device that allows you to accept payments from your customers using their Airtel Money wallet. It is a convenient and secure way to accept payments, and it can help you grow your business.

To get an Airtel Smartcash POS, you will need to follow some processes and meet up with certain requirements. In this article, we will show you all the steps you need to take to get Airtel Smartcash POS

Overview Of Airtel Smartcash POS

It is designed to provide convenience and efficiency in the payment process, enabling merchants to accept payments through various channels, including cards, mobile wallets, and QR codes. This overview sheds light on the key features, benefits, and functionalities of the Airtel Smartcash POS:

Key Features:

  • Versatility: The Airtel Smartcash POS supports multiple payment methods, allowing customers to pay using debit or credit cards, mobile money, and other digital wallets.
  • Connectivity Options: The POS device is equipped with multiple connectivity options, including 4G, 3G, and Wi-Fi, ensuring reliable and fast transaction processing.
  • Security Measures: Security is a top priority. The POS system employs encryption and authentication protocols to safeguard sensitive customer information during transactions.
  • Real-time Reporting: Merchants gain access to real-time transaction reports and insights, enabling them to monitor sales, inventory, and customer preferences.
  • Customer-Friendly: The Airtel Smartcash POS enhances the customer experience by offering a variety of payment options, reducing waiting times, and providing digital receipts.
  • QR Code Payments: It supports QR code-based payments, allowing customers to scan a code and complete transactions using their mobile devices.


  • Increased Sales: By offering various payment methods, businesses can attract a broader customer base and provide a seamless checkout experience, potentially leading to increased sales.
  • Efficiency: The Airtel Smartcash POS accelerates transaction processing, reducing queues and wait times for customers.
  • Financial Inclusion: The POS device supports digital payments, contributing to the push for financial inclusion by providing more individuals with access to electronic transactions.
  • Business Insights: Merchants can gain valuable insights into their business operations through transaction data and reports, aiding in decision-making and planning.
  • Competitive Advantage: Businesses using the Airtel Smartcash POS can stay competitive in an increasingly cashless economy by offering modern and convenient payment options.
  • Enhanced Record-Keeping: Digital transactions and real-time reporting assist in maintaining accurate financial records, simplifying accounting and reconciliation.

In summary, the Airtel Smartcash POS revolutionizes the way businesses handle payments by providing a versatile, secure, and efficient solution that caters to the demands of  digital economy. 

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How To Get Airtel Smartcash POS

Below is a comprehensive guide on how you can get a Smartcash POS.

  • Step 1: Visit an Airtel Retail Store or Authorized Dealer Begin your journey by visiting an Airtel retail store or an authorized dealer. Airtel has an extensive network of outlets, and you can locate the nearest one on the official Airtel website. The in-person visit sets the foundation for the subsequent steps and ensures you have direct access to Airtel’s expertise.
  • Step 2: Provide Basic Information Upon arrival, share essential details to initiate the Airtel Smartcash POS acquisition process. Provide your name, address, phone number, and Airtel Money account number. These particulars facilitate accurate record-keeping and a smooth transition to the subsequent stages.
  • Step 3: Ensure a Valid Airtel Money Account For a seamless experience, ensure you have a valid Airtel Money account. If you don’t have one, you can easily create an account online or visit the Airtel retail store. Your Airtel Money account serves as a pivotal link between your POS device and your financial transactions.
  • Step 4: Determine the POS Machine Price Airtel offers different models of Smartcash POS machines, each catering to unique business needs. Prices vary accordingly. The basic model is priced around ₦5,000, while more advanced models, equipped with additional features, are available for approximately ₦10,000. Choose the model that aligns with your business requirements and budget.
  • Step 5: Activate Your Airtel Smartcash POS Activation is a crucial step that brings your Airtel Smartcash POS to life. You can initiate the activation process by either calling the Airtel Smartcash customer care number or visiting the official Airtel website. This step ensures your POS device is fully operational and ready to facilitate seamless transactions.

By following this comprehensive guide, you position your business at the forefront of modern financial technology, streamlining transactions and elevating the overall customer experience.

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Airtel Smartcash POS Charges

Below are the charges that are associated with using Smartcash POS. 

  • Cash Withdrawal (₦10):
    • A cash withdrawal charge of ₦10 applies when customers use the Airtel Smartcash POS to withdraw money from their Airtel Money wallet. This service provides convenience for customers who may need physical cash, and the charge covers the operational costs involved in facilitating the withdrawal.
  • Bill Payment (₦5):
    • When customers utilize the Airtel Smartcash POS to pay bills, such as utility bills or other services, a bill payment charge of ₦5 is incurred. This fee contributes to the processing and management of bill payment transactions, making it a seamless and efficient process for both customers and merchants.
  • Merchant Purchase (₦2):
    • The merchant purchase charge of ₦2 is associated with transactions where customers make purchases from a merchant using the Airtel Smartcash POS. This charge aids in supporting the infrastructure and services required to facilitate merchant transactions, ensuring a smooth purchasing experience.
  • Airtime Top-Up (₦1):
    • Airtel Smartcash POS users can conveniently top up their mobile airtime using the device. The charge of ₦1 for airtime top-ups contributes to the system’s upkeep and the real-time processing of airtime recharge requests.
  • Bank Transfer (₦10):
    • Engaging in bank transfers via the Airtel Smartcash POS incurs a charge of ₦10. This fee covers the operational costs of executing secure and prompt fund transfers between different financial institutions, adding a layer of convenience for customers seeking to move money.
  • As you integrate the Airtel Smartcash POS into your business operations, being aware of these charges allows you to accurately manage costs and communicate transparently with your customers.
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Airtel Smartcash Customer Care Number 

The Airtel Smartcash Customer Care Number is +234 (0) 802 150 0111.

Feel free to reach out to this number for any inquiries, assistance, or support related to Airtel Smartcash POS services. The customer care team is available to address your questions and provide guidance to ensure a smooth and efficient experience with your Airtel Smartcash POS.

Airtel Smartcash POS Machine Price

The price of the Airtel Smartcash POS machine can vary based on the specific model and features you choose. Generally, the cost of Airtel Smartcash POS machines ranges from around ₦10,000 for basic models to approximately ₦30,000 for more advanced versions with additional capabilities.


Does Smartcash have POS?

Yes, Smartcash has POS. You can use a Smartcash POS to accept payments from your customers using their Airtel Money wallet. It is a convenient and secure way to accept payments, and it can help you grow your business.

How can I get Airtel Smart cash?

To get Airtel Smart cash, you can visit an Airtel retail store or authorized dealer. You will need to provide some basic information, such as your name, address, and phone number. You will also need to have a valid Airtel Money account.

What is the code for Airtel Smart Cash?

The code for Airtel Smart Cash is *939#. You can dial this code from your Airtel phone to access the Airtel Smart Cash menu.

How does Airtel Smart Cash work?

Airtel Smart Cash works by using your Airtel Money wallet to make payments. When you make a payment using Airtel Smart Cash, the payment is processed through the Airtel Money network.

How do I contact SmartCash?

You can contact SmartCash by calling their customer care number at 0800 951 7333. You can also visit their website at https://smartcashpsb.ng/ for more information.


In conclusion, Airtel Smartcash POS is a convenient and secure way to accept payments from your customers. It is a great way to grow your business and to make it easier for your customers to pay you.

To get an Airtel Smartcash POS, you can visit an Airtel retail store or authorized dealer. You will need to provide some basic information, such as your name, address, and phone number. You will also need to have a valid Airtel Money account.