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UK Visa Application Requirements – Easy Steps to Apply for United Kingdom Visa

UK Visa Application Requirements – Easy Steps to Apply for United Kingdom Visa

Do you want to Visit, Live, work or study in UK?

Do you want to obtain UK Visa?

This article covers UK Visa application procedures in details. UK Visa Application Requirements The United Kingdom is a member of the European Union but is not part of the Schengen area. It operates its own visa policy where certain nationalities have to apply for a visa before arriving in the UK. However, there are many nationalities that are permitted to enter and stay in the UK without obtaining a visa. In this article learn more about how to apply for UK Visa, UK visa application process and requirements, UK visa fees, UK visa types, UK standard tourist and visitor visa application.

UK Visa Types

There are several different visas for the UK and the one you need to apply for will depend on the duration of your trip and your reason for traveling to the UK. Check GOV.UK’s website to learn about these visas. Visitor visas

  1. Standard Visitor visa
  2. Marriage Visitor visa
  3. Permitted Paid Engagement visa
  4. Parent of a Tier 4 child visa
  5. Visit the UK in a Chinese tour group
  6. Visa to pass through the UK in transit

Work and Business visas

  1. General work visa (Tier 2)
  2. Intra-company Transfer visa (Tier 2)
  3. Minister of Religion visa (Tier 2)
  4. Sportsperson visa (Tier 2)
  5. Temporary Worker – Charity Worker visa (Tier 5)
  6. Temporary Worker – Creative and Sporting visa (Tier 5)
  7. Temporary Worker – Government Authorised Exchange visa (Tier 5)
  8. Temporary Worker – International Agreement visa (Tier 5)
  9. Temporary Worker – Religious Worker visa (Tier 5)
  10. Temporary Worker – Seasonal Worker Visa (Tier 5)
  11. Youth Mobility Scheme visa (Tier 5)
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Investor, business development and talent visas

  1. Innovator visa
  2. Start-up visa
  3. Entrepreneur visa (Tier 1)
  4. Exceptional Talent visa (Tier 1)
  5. Graduate Entrepreneur visa (Tier 1)
  6. Investor visa (Tier 1)

Other work visas and exemptions

  1. UK Ancestry visa
  2. Domestic Workers in a Private Household visa
  3. Representative of an Overseas Business visa
  4. Turkish Businessperson visa
  5. Turkish Worker visa

Study visas

  1. Short-term study visa
  2. General student visa (Tier 4)
  3. Child student visa (Tier 4)

Family visas

  1. Family visas: apply, extend or switch
  2. Apply for a permit to join your EU or EEA family member in the UK

When to Apply for Your UK Visa

Visa applications are processed within 3 weeks, so you should apply well in advance of your trip. You may submit your application up to 3 months ahead of your departure date.

Where to Apply for Your UK Visa

The British Embassies and Consulates located across the world do not issue visa applications. Instead, you will apply for your visa at one of the visa application centers located in your country:

  1. VFS Global
  2. TLS Contact

These companies deal with visa applications on behalf of the Visa and Immigration service in the UK. VFS Global and TLS Contact is not responsible for making a decision about your application. You will simply submit your application to them and they will then forward it to the British Embassy or Consulate for processing. In order to find out which company you need to deal with and their location, go to GOV.UK’s website and click on: “Visas and immigration”: On the next page, click on: “What you need to do” and then “Applying for a visa to come to the UK”: Then, click on: “Find a visa application centre”: You can scroll through the list and find your country: You will then be directed to either VFS Global or TLS Contact where you can find out how to apply.

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How to Apply for UK Visa

There is an overview on how to apply on VFS Global and TLS Contact’s websites, so you should take a look at those before you do anything else. Application procedure at VFS Global:

  1. Research your visa type
  2. Apply for your visa through GOV.UK
  3. Pay for your visa fees
  4. Choose your services
  5. Upload your supporting documents
  6. Visit the visa application center
  7. Track your application
  8. Pick up your documents

Application procedure at TLS Contact:

  1. Register on the GOV.UK website
  2. Choose any optional services and book an appointment
  3. Attend your appointment at TLS Contact
  4. Passport Return

Before you submit your application to the visa application center, you must visit either the GOV.UK Visa and Immigration website or Visa4UK’s website to do the following things:

  1. Register your application
  2. Complete the visa application form
  3. Pay the visa fee
  4. Book your appointment at either VFS Global or TLS Contact

Making appointments with the embassy or visa application center is generally free and can be done yourself. However, If you are running short of time or not sure which consulate to apply to or have no idea on how to get this done yourself then not to worry, we will make the appointment for you for a small service fee! Booking a visa appointment using our services is pretty simple! All you have to do is follow the 3 simple steps below:

  1. Visit the link to schedule the visa appointment
  2. Submit the appointment details, visa you are applying for, consulate you need the appointment for, the country you need the appointment IN and make the payment
  3. Receive appointment confirmation in email