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How to Invest 5000 Naira to get N1Million ROI Today


Last two weeks on my tweeter account, so many people flooded the comment section asking how to invest some thousand of naira and turn it into a million within some time frame. 

I have thought, deliberated, and have a bed eye view of it and have come up with a reasonable and pragmatic way you can invest your little capital in other to get a million ROI later.

How to Invest 5000 Naira to get N1Million ROI Today
How to Invest 5000 Naira to get N1Million ROI Today

Not to waste much of our precious time, let’s quickly get started.

Research niche that best suits you

Before starting any investment, it’s pertinent to research the type of business that can bring your target ROI and have a clear business plan. 

This is so because, without making research, one will be restricted to many ideas which invariably puts investment at risk.

So, the question we should ask ourselves is what business can I start with 5000, that can yield a return investment of a million naira within a year, two, or some couple of months?

As we all know, investment capital depends on returning income, we need to be pragmatic when we look into investing 5k to get 1 million. 

To achieve this, you will have to do some calculations.

Ask yourself, how much start-up capital (5000) can you see in the ROI which is a millionaire?

The answer to this is that you will need (200)  five thousand in other to make a million naira. With this, you know determine the type of business you can invest in.

You can simply achieve this by considering a micro salon business – Barbing. How? Don’t worry I will walk you through, stay glued, and read to the end of this article.

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Consider business potential risk.

The second step in the process of your investment is to consider the Ups and downs of the business, the volatility, and lots more risk. 

You need to consider the risk and weigh your options very well. Once the risk is more than the success rate, I beg you to make research on another business because such a business may end in a huge loss to you. 

Start small 

The next step is not to procrastinate again and start your business investment as early as possible. 

What people don’t know is that you don’t need to have thousands of naira before you can start something reasonable. 

Let’s consider your a salon micro niche- Barbing as case study. 

You can start your Barbing business in a tertiary institution from your room. All that you need is a haircut clipper, sanitizer, and a plastic chair. You can barb for your friends to save up and from there you can expand your business. 

Once you understand that more students are in high demand of your service, kindly move into a conducive high footing and car-accessible area and erect or rent a shop.

Next is to design your shop and equip it with the necessary hair styling machines.

To cut the epistle short, when you have up to 300-500 returning students, you can increase your fee by 75%. 

Now, note that the law of demand will set in “the higher the price, the lower the quantity demanded”.

For instance, if you are quoting a price of 1,000 per haircut before, you can increase it to 1500. This means you will earn 300 thousand naira monthly if only you have 200 returning customers.

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Now, that your customers have grown up to 500, you will earn nothing less than 750,000 Naira.

What I can deduce from this is that, between two months, you will earn in millions. Remember you started with five thousand naira only 

Let’s quickly move to the next step

Diversify your portfolio

If you’re aiming to make more money, you will need to diversify your portfolio.

What this means is that you will need to invest in more business rather than saving your revenue. Does saving earn you money? The bitter truth is no! Savings can never earn you a dime.

What you need to do is to re-invest in other businesses such as crypto trading or Poultry farming. Do not relent on your aims and goal. You can re- invest 20% of your net income for a start.

Monitor your investment 

This is the penultimate step in meeting your target ROI.

You will need to monitor the growth of your investments and stay glued to new market trends. 

I am very sure that you’re feeling so fulfilled by reading this article to this tiny end.

Review your progress

This is the last stage of everything. Review your progress.

To do this, you can compare your potential profit with net loss. If your profit is more than your net loss, your business is progressing, and vice versa. 

Once again, I am very sure that you’re pleased and fulfilled and can invest your 5000 Naira today and earn your 1 million ROI. Everything takes a process, start today and you will never regret it. 


Thanks for reading