Wife Bites Off Her Husband ’s Lip Over Plans To Visit Parents

A 27-years-old wife whose name is quite unknown has bitten her husband’s lower lips off during disagreement in Kenya.


According to the statement given by the 34-years-old husband, Benson Onsongo, the quarrel started when his wife informed that she wanted to visit her parents in Kisii County.


He said the wife threatened to commit suicide after she requested for money to travel for an event in her village but was cashless at the moment.


Mr. Benson added that, he was at work when he was informed that his wife is about to commit suicide by jumping into the rival.

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As a caring husband, he dashed to the scene to avoid such action. On their way home, his wife bits his lower lip before biting his hand and stomach.


“I picked up my lip from the ground and put it in a polythene bag, hoping that it would be reattached at the hospital but I have been told it is not possible. This is so inhumane… I cannot imagine that the woman I loved could do such a thing to me,” he added.


He stated that, his wife has been treating him and children in a violent way for the past four years.


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